Waring JE2000

by Jack

A commercial juicer will provide high quality performance in the kitchen. It will last longer, contain more features, and will be extremely durable. This Waring JE2000 has professional features that add value to different cooking activities. A user can blend various ingredients that are necessary for particular recipes. It is simple to use and an excellent way to get healthier. This juicer has both stainless steel and aluminum parts. This will help to make the unit last a long time without becoming broken or corroded. There is also a convenient pulp ejection system that separates pulp from juice automatically. This Waring juicer is also very easy to clean. The design is simple to take apart, and there is a disposal bin that stores the pulp. When you are done juicing, simply remove the bin, empty the pulp, and wipe clean. Besides these features, this juicer contains a strong 16,000 RPM motor and safe operation interlock system. There is also a six foot cord, so the unit can be moved to almost any area of the kitchen with ease. This unit is quite compact and measures 7 1/2 inches X 17 inches X 7 1/2 inches.

waring je2000This Waring review must include the positives that it offers to consumers. It is one of the many commercial juicers that is heavy-duty and will be able to handle various fruits and vegetables. Most users love the powerful motor. Unlike other juicers, this Waring unit is capable of grinding through all kinds of ingredients without causing damage to the machine. This means that it is not necessary to cut the food into tiny pieces before use. Juice is made within seconds. There will be no delays in the morning when time is of the essence. The limited one year warranty assures peace of mind at time of purchase. The design is very attractive, so the unit will blend in well on any kitchen counter top. The features that are most popular among users are the easy maintenance,cleaning ability and powerful, fast juicing. For added convenience, this Waring unit has parts that are safe for the dishwasher and a large pulp collection bin.

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Even though there are many positive user comments about the Waring Commercial JE2000, there are a few cons to discuss. This juicer has a very high price as compared to other products on the market. For people on a limited budget, this unit may not be feasible. However, it is important to understand that some juicers may be more affordable, but few come with the commercial grade durability of this model. Although the unit is small in size, the shape is considered a bit awkward. Certain customers feel that it could be better designed to fit in the corner of a kitchen. Finally, some owners feel that the warranty should be offered for longer than one year. However, since the juicer’s construction is of the utmost quality, few people have had to return the unit or have it fixed.

The Waring JE2000 is an excellent,top of the line unit specifically designed for producing large amounts of juice in a short amount of time. Dealing with cheaper juicers that tend to break quickly can be a waste of time and money. Instead of buying a low quality appliance, it may be best to spend a bit more on a professional piece of equipment. Ideally, this juicer will work best for a restaurant or health bar. However, when a family is looking to get healthy, this juicer will save money in the long run by lasting for years to come. You may even end up passing this machine down to your children. It always extracts as much juice as possible from inexpensive ingredients. There is also no prep time required. This Waring juicer comes with great recommendation for anyone looking to use fresh fruits and vegetables to create tasty and healthy beverages.

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