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The late Jack LaLanne was an accomplished exercise, fitness, and nutrition expert that has been called the “godfather of fitness.” LaLanne was one of the gurus of weight lifting and once beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in an impromptu challenge when he was 54 and the future governor was 21. After moving on from the weightlifting industry, LaLanne ventured into other businesses, including juicers.

Jack Lalanne juicerThe Jack LaLanne juicer products have been known as some of the best available on the market. The Jack LaLanne PJP Power Juicer Pro is a stainless steel appliance that can be a perfect fit for newer modern kitchens. It features an extra-large chute that is capable of shredding the biggest fruits with its stainless steel blade. It comes equipped with a 3600 RPM motor with patented extraction technology ensuring you get the most juice from your fruit. The motor is ultra-quiet, making sure you won’t need to raise the volume of the radio during your morning activities. It has a large capacity pulp collector that won’t need to be cleaned as often when large portions of juice are being made. It has a non-drip spout that takes away the risk of losing high-quality juice. Best of all, all the parts are dishwasher safe, making the cleanup process easier than ever.

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Among the many top features of this Jack LaLanne power juicer is its quiet operation mode and the ease in which you can clean it. Many “top” juicers sound as though you are operating a chainsaw, but with this juicer, it is the same quiet sound whether you are juicing an orange or a pineapple. Other juicers also don’t make their parts easy to remove and easy to clean. With some juicers it’s like you are trying to put an entire puzzle back together again. That simply isn’t the case with this Jack LaLanne s power juice. The typical Jack LaLanne juicer review will say that its sleek design makes it perfect for any kitchen. In a time when everyone has to one-up the other, even friends, this juicer will stand out on your kitchen counter.

A lot of Jack LaLanne juicer reviews will state that the machines get bogged down and jams too quickly. While this could happen if you mistreat your machine and slam everything into it, a properly maintained unit should last and produce high-quality product for years. The machine even comes with a limited lifetime motor warranty in case you do ever find any problems with it. Other common problems with the juicer has been the juice leaking out when making two quarts of juice and the brush included with the juicer doesn’t do a good enough job cleaning. If the instructions were read prior to use, anyone trying to make two quarts of juice at one time would know that the machine is meant for a maximum of a quart before having to clean it. The mesh filter can get clogged and that is why the juice leaks out. The brush that comes with this juicer is one of the best tools to clean the device. If you are trying to clean off the filter without taking the machine apart and throwing the pieces in the dishwasher, the brush should clean it out enough to keep on juicing.

Overall, the Jack LaLanne juicer reviews are mixed. Some people claim that the machine isn’t as easy to clean as advertised and others say that the machine gets bogged down too quickly and leaks out the sides. Just like most household appliances, this device needs to be used properly and with the right care. Slamming your fruits into the juicer like you see on television may be cool, but it will only hurt your machine. This Jack LaLanne power juicer is comparable if not better than a lot of other brands on the market today including Breville and Sunkist.

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