Which Juicer Should You Purchase?

So you have decided to start living a healthier lifestyle and have realized that getting a juicer is a vital piece of equipment to get you there. Now the hard part starts, trying to decide which juicer is the best for your needs. As you probably already know there is a huge selection of juicers on the market today, some good , some bad. Trying to find the right one for you can be a daunting task. What does “masticating” even mean? Should you get a low rpm juicer or is high rpm better? What about centrifugal juicers, how do they work ? Single auger, dual gear, it can be very confusing. How much do you have to spend to get a quality product ?

The first step is to decide what types of food you will most likely be juicing and how often will you be using your new juicer.Will you just be using simple fruits and vegetables or will you be juicing wheatgrass or other difficult to juice foods ? How much prep time are you willing to put in ? Don’t forget about cleaning as some juicers can be difficult to take apart and clean properly. Also make sure you have enough counter space for your new appliance so you don’t have to keep bringing it out of the cupboard every time you want to use it. Once you have narrowed down your selection I recommend choosing a juicer from one of the larger juicer manufactures as they have a lot of experience building these. Check out our juicer comparison chart below and our juicer reviews to help find the best juicer for you.

Omega VRT350HD
Breville JE98XL
Omega J8006
Jack Lalanne
Breville 800JEXL
Hurom Slow Juicer
Super Angel 5500
Breville BJE510XL
Waring JE2000
Green Star GSE-5000
Motor Wattage150 watts850 watts150 watts250 watts1000 watts150 watts180 watts900 watts372 watts190 watts
Twin Gear        
Pulp Ejection
Vertical Design   
RPM80 rpm12,000 and 6,500 rpm80 rpm3,600 rpm13,000 and 6,500 rpm80 rpm86 rpm6,500 to 12,500 rpm16,000 rpm110 rpm
Wheatgrass Compatible marginal    
Juice Shelf Lifeup to 72 hrsup to 24 hrsup to 72 hrsup to 24 hrsup to 24 hoursup to 72 hrsup to 72 hrsup to 24 hrsup to 24 hrsup to 72 hrs
Nutrient RetentionHighModerateHighModerateModerateHighHighModerateModerateHigh
CleaningSelf CleaningManualManualManualManualSelf CleaningManualManualManualManual
Noise LevelLowHighLowModerateHighLowLowModerateHighLow
Makes Soy/Almond MilkSoy and Almond milkSoy milkSoy milkSoy milkSoy milkSoy and Almond MilkSoy milkSoy MilkSoy milkSoy and Almond milk
Juice YieldHighModerateHighModerateModerateHighVery HighModerateModerateVery High
Dimensions7” W x 8.5” D x 15.5” H13.2" W x 16.5" D x 18.2" H14.5" W x 6.5" D x 15.5" H16" W x 12" D x 15.5" H17" W x 11" D x 20" H9.8" W x 6.8" D x 15.8" H19" W x 7.8" D x 10.5" H16.8" W x 15.5" D x 10.25" H7.5" W x 7.5" D x 17" H6.5" W x 19" D x 12.5" H
Weight17.5 lbs14.9 lbs17.5 lbs15 lbs19 lbs14.2 lbs20.8 lbs15 lbs15.8 lbs18 lbs
Warranty10 years1 year15 yearslifetime on motor1 year10 years on motor only10 years1 year1 year12 years
Price Range$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$+$$$$$$$$$+$$$$$$

A Few Things To Consider When Selecting A Juicer

  • How much time do you have to juice in the morning? Do you need a high speed centrifugal juicer to get you out the door fast or can you spend a few extra minutes waiting for a low speed juicer ?
  • What is your budget ?
  • Do you want to juice leafy greens ?
  • How much cleaning do want to do ?
  • How long do you want to store your juice ?
  • Do you plan on juicing wheatgrass ?
  • Will you be juicing mostly fruits or vegetables or a combo of both ?
  • Do you want to make nut milks as well ?
  • How important is the quality of the juice to you ?
  • Do you mind a little foam in your juice or would you prefer minimal foam ?
  • Do you want a centrifugal, masticating or twin gear juicer ?
  • Is noise level important to you ?
  • How much counter space do you have ?
  • Do you want a long warranty ?

Omega VRT350HD – The Omega VRT350 is low speed masticating juicer designed to get the most juice out of anything you put in it. The Omega Vert is a vertical two stage juicer that comes in a very compact design so it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. It is capable of juicing wheatgrass and other leafy greens and features an automatic cleaning system to help prevent and clogs while juicing. This juicer is very quite and the low speed helps to preserve all the natural enzymes in the food for better health benefits and longer shelf live of your fresh made juice. It comes with a 150 watt motor and an excellent 10 year warranty. If you are looking to get the most nutrients you can from your food you should think about the Omega VRT350HD. Click here for full review

Breville JE98xl –  The Breville JE98xl is a centrifugal juicer that has two speed settings depending on the type of food you are juicing. It uses a powerful 850 watt motor to turn the cutting blade which is made from stainless steel. It features a large three inch diameter feed chute allowing you to juice a lot of foods without any pre-chopping to help save you time in the morning. The safety lock arm prevents the juicer from accidentally turning on. You get a 2.5 liter large capacity pulp container as well as a 1 liter size juice jug that includes a froth separator. If you are looking for a quality centrifugal juicer at a reasonable price the JE98xl just might be the ticket. Click here for full review

Omega J8006 – The Omega 8006 is a heavy duty masticating style juicer that rotates at a slow 80 RPM. This slow speed helps preserve more of the enzymes and nutrients in you juice compared to higher speed juicers. The single auger is powered by a commercial grade 150 watt motor using a dual stage extraction process to get all the goodness out of anything you put in it. This results in very high yield and less foaming in the final product. The automatic pulp ejection means you can juice continuously without stopping and the left over pulp is drier than almost all other juicers. The machine comes apart easily for cleaning and it includes an amazing 15 year warranty. You can even make pasta with this machine. The Omega 8006 is one of the best selling juicers on the market so I highly recommend you check it out. Click here for full review

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer – Jack Lalanne is generally know as “the godfather of fitness” and has been promoting health and fitness since the 1950’s. He predates fitness gurus like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda by decades. He was an avid juicer and came out with his own product line. The Jack Lalanne PJP Power Juicer is a centrifugal type juicer that sells for a very reasonable price. It’s made from stainless steel and features a wide feed chute to decrease the prep work required before juicing. The 250 watt motor spins the cutting blade at 3600 rpm and even though it is a centrifugal juicer it is pretty quite. You get a large capacity pulp container and a non drip juice spout to help eliminate any mess. All the parts are dishwasher safe and the motor comes with a lifetime warranty. If you want to see how one of Americas most famous health experts juices checkout the Jack Lalanne power juicer. Click here for full review

Breville 800JEXL – The Breville 800jexl is a heavy duty, dual speed centrifugal juicer. This juicer features a stainless steel filter and a titanium cutting disk so you know it will last for years to come.The high speed is 13,000 RPM and the low speed is 6,500 RPM depending on the type of foods you are juicing. The large three inch wide feed shut allows you to juice many foods with no pre-chopping. The high capacity jugs allow you to make large volumes of juice at time without having to empty the containers. The powerful 1000 watt motor ensures it never bogs down no matter how much food you feed it. All parts are dishwasher safe as long as you put them on the top rack. If you are looking for a high speed centrifugal juicer this one definitely needs to be on your short list.Click here for full review

Hurom Slow Juicer – The Hurom slow juicer or Hurom HU-100 is a low speed masticating juicer designed to minimize damage to nutrients and enzymes while getting every drop of juice from your fruits and vegetables. It uses a dual stage extraction and press system for maximum yield. During use it is extremely quiet due to the low 80 RPM and the 150 watt motor is more than powerful enough to get the job done.  It’s lightweight, doesn’t take up much counter space, and comes in white,black, or silver. The Hurom juicer does a fantastic job juicing wheatgrass and it can also make almond and soy milk. If you are shopping for a juicer that can do it all and extract all the goodness from your fruits and vegetables the HU-100 would make an excellent choice. Click here for full review

Super Angel 5500 – The Super Angel 5500 is a top of the line, dual gear juicer. Instead of using a single gear auger or centrifugal cutting blade like other juicers, the 5500 has two large stainless steel gears that mess together and squeeze the produce to extract the juice. This is much more efficient and results in higher yield that other types of juicers. This machine is capable of juicing pretty much anything you decide to put in it, it has no problems with wheat grass or leafy greens which other juicers often struggle with. All the parts are made from stainless steel so you know this dual gear juicer will last for many years and it comes a part easily for cleaning. If you are looking for one of the best juicers on the market you need to checkout the Angel 5500 but you will need a deep pocket as they are not cheap.Click here for full review

Breville BJE510XL – The Breville BJE510xl is a multi-speed centrifugal juicer. There are five different settings for the speed which vary from 6,500 rpm to a max speed of 12,500 rpm depending on what type of food you are juicing . The LCD screen gives you recommendations for what speed to use for different types of foods so you don’t have to keep referring to the manual. This machine also features a smart chip which will increase the power that goes to the titanium cutting disk during high load situations so the machine doesn’t  bog down like some other juicers. It also has a safety arm lock to prevent the machine from accidental turning on without all the parts assembled properly as well as an overload cut-off circuit making it virtually impossible to burn out the motor. If you are looking for a high quality centrifugal juicer this one is about as good as it gets for the price. Click here for full review

Waring JE2000 – The Waring JE2000 is a top of the line centrifugal juicer. It is marketed as a commercial grade  product designed to be used all day long, everyday in a commercial environment such as a juice bar but it also makes a great home juicer for those looking for one of the best juicers money can buy.  The housing is made in Italy from die cast aluminum and the internal parts of the juicer are all stainless steel. If features a powerful 372 watt motor which operates at 16,000 RPM for very fast juicing. This juice extractor may not be for everyone but if you have a big budget and want the best product money can buy you may want to consider the JE2000. Click here for full review

Green Star GSE-5000 – The Green Star Elite Juicer is a high performance twin gear style of juicer for those who are looking to get the most yield and nutrients from their fruits and vegetable. The Green Star is one of the most affordable twin gear juicers available on the market today. This multipurpose machine not only accels at making high quality juice compared to other juicers but it can also make nut milks, sorbets, baby food and even bread sticks. It has a low speed 190 watt motor that turns the gears at a slow 110 RPM so you don’t have to worry about heat build up damaging your produce. If you are ready to step up to a twin gear juicer the Greenstar Elite offers great bang for your buck. Click here for full review

These are just a few of the best selling juicers on the market. Click here for more juicer reviews


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